Camperisti Sempre in Festa is not only the name of our club, is also our philosophy of life! A life spent driving and discover places in the camper, to know and share moments, travel and days in the company of new and old friends in the name of what is our spirit and our philosophy of life!

And it’so that comes our activities, not far from the eternal city, 10,000 square meters of storage, limited by a boundary wall with the network, for campers, caravans, trailers, boats, jet skis, cars, trucks and scooters. The rest area that is 800m from the exit Monte Porzio Catone and 750m from the stop of the new Metro C, which allows immediate access to the center of Rome; 300m from the first pharmacy, supermarket and bars; which is only 5 minutes from Roma Est Shopping Centre and the world renowned town Frascati.

Inside the Club our members can rely on laundry services is autonomous from that part of our staff, loading and unloading services, electricity connections, and take advantage of a 150 square meter hall, covered and heated, in which we host and we organize all sorts of events to advance and protect our philosophy.

Members can rely on a personal present 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7, which in addition to overseeing the entire area thanks to video cameras placed along the entire perimeter, it offers available to receive travelers that arrive late at night, which also offers maintenance and support services both technical and mechanical, and many other services that you will discover within our site!